Illustration Friday- Spin

SpinI’m baaaack! After taking time off to work on other projects, having a baby and settling into a new routine I wanted to get back to drawing just for me using For those new to this site, posts a word every Friday to inspire artists to create a piece of artwork. Now, don’t be fooled EVERYONE is encouraged to be apart of the webpage. Experience or age is not a factor! It’s all about getting acquainted with other creators and encouraging and challenging each other.  One word- FUN!!!

Now, my illustration surprises even me y’all!  I am new to the Star Wars craze since I did not grow up watching the movies. Yet, as a mom of three boys I knew I needed to “educate” myself so I could be involved with their (MANY) conversations and watched them all. Who knew I would join their crazy train and find myself getting caught up with the story line and falling in love with different characters. This little guy captured my heart with his little expressions, compassion, and subtle humor. Seriously, I can’t take the cuteness!

So, having just seen “The Force Awakens” when I saw that this week’s word was “Spin” my new rollie-pollie friend came to mind. I have wanted a Star Wars t-shirt so this may make its way to my wardrobe… who knows! ENJOY and thanks for stopping by!

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Illustration Friday-Octopus


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Feature of the week!

Got some exciting news!!! contacted me and they have chosen one of my illustrated recipes to feature on their website and jumbotron (Oct 6-13th). If you would like to check it out click on the website and mine is called, “Dining With Eggplant 3 Ways.”

Dining with Eggplant
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Illustration Friday- Summer

page6Summer! You gotta love it! My favorite parts of summer are days at the beach, giggling boys enjoying homemade popsicles, dances in the sprinklers, barbecues and family camping. I am a sucker for the extra time that summer gives us and even allows this busy Mom to read a (gulp) book!

For this week’s word I submitted a page from a book I wrote for my new niece. The book follows an aunt and niece through all seasons and shares their special moments together. This project was SO enjoyable to create. I loved spending the time drawing for her and envisioning our future adventures together. I love being Auntie Em!

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Illustration Friday- Mask


Nothing like being stuck sitting by your little brother to entertain your entire ride to school. 🙂

photo (7)


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Illustration Friday- Contraption


The joy of having boys is seeing the contraptions they create. It never takes long to turn cardboard boxes into pirate ships, bean bags into dinosaurs or a simple Lazy-Boy Recliner into a giant submarine. In no time a new world is created and a new memory made.

It seemed only right to try to capture that magic while illustrating for this week’s word, “contraption”. I had great fun imagining what it would look like if one of their contraptions actually worked. Can you imagine the look on their face when their makeshift helicopter actually lifted or took flight? I had many chuckles at my studio table picturing each of my boys in this scenario… What great fun!

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Avocado Three Ways

Avocado Three Ways

This recipe was created for a contest through

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