Illustration Friday- Mystery

Spinach Undercover

About a year ago my husband and I were talking about spinach (riveting topic, I know…). During our conversation, our oldest interrupts and declares that he hates spinach. (Keep in mind the darling hadn’t knowingly ever tried it.) I was curious why he had such strong feelings and his response was “Mom, it’s green! I don’t have to try it to know I don’t like it!” (Someone missed the moral in Green Eggs and Ham)

So, for the next two weeks, I secretly began to add spinach to things to see what his response would be. Little did my pint-sized food critic know, that he was devouring spinach on a daily basis without turning up his nose or complaining. It was truly comical. After a successful two weeks he came to me and asked if I could make him his favorite smoothie for breakfast. I knew this would be a great time to tell him of my secret mission and had him grab the ingredients out of the refrigerator. He fumbled as he grabbed all the ingredients and placed them on the counter. I placed the ingredients in the blender and right before I pushed start I said, “OH I almost forgot! Can you grab the spinach?” His face was PRICELESS y’all! It was a mixture of shock, disgust, and confusion and all  he could sputter was “Whaaaat?”! I lost it! Completely and utterly laughed until tears rolled down my face.

Just today he asked for a smoothie and asked if we had spinach to add to it… yes, spinach! This week’s topic and his request inspired me to share his favorite recipes with all of you as well as boast just a bit. 🙂 It was a surely a MOM-WIN!


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One Response to Illustration Friday- Mystery

  1. Betsy Wilson says:

    I love it! My guess is G. Thanks for sharing the story!

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