Illustration Friday- Underwater

underwaterJust the other day I was playing tag with my youngest while waiting to pick my oldest at the bus stop. The game consisted of him chasing desperately after me and when he would tag me I would immediately tag him back. After a couple of rounds, my youngest declared that the game was “majorly not cool” because I was cheating! I asked him, “How I am cheating?!” He put his hands on his hips and said, “You’re using your long arms when you play!”

Next time I will obviously try to use my short arms when we play! hahahaha!

The last two weeks have been crazy! In addition to working on a book for a client in Canada I have also been asked to be one of the Product Designers for Milano Worldwide Corporation. The process thus far has been loads of fun and a great experience to expand my portfolio. I love the steady work each day and I am beginning to find a rhythm between that, the book, Illustration Friday, portfolio work and the responsibilities of home and family. So I am having a blast and continue to absolutely love what I do and the ability to do it from my art studio at home. Life is GOOD! Until next week!


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