Illustration Friday- Totem


“Well, look who’s here!”

My boys love to play “spies” which includes them tip-toeing, and peering in on Mom and Dad. During this time, it is terribly difficult not to chuckle at their “secret” missions and play along that we truly don’t see them. One of their missions last week inspired this illustration and I felt it would be perfect for “Totem”. They are known to spy on me while I am cooking and with their different heights they look like a human totem pole. 🙂 Since, I always need practice drawing new and different characters I decided to create a new scenario, with different characters and adding a furry friend. Even though the illustration works I still want to go back later and draw the boys instead. They are such a hoot!



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One Response to Illustration Friday- Totem

  1. Shea Robbins says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t get over how good you are on all of your drawings you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic Job Emily!!!! Love ya!!!

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