Illustration Friday- Hybrid



It’s no secret that I love small cars. In fact, when our family went to Europe for two weeks I had to refrain from constantly taking pictures of their itty bitty’s that hiccupped and sputtered down the streets. So, for this week’s word “hybrid” how could I draw something from its definition like so many others had?! What a perfect opportunity to draw a speck of a car and pay homage to “Eddie”, my very first car. “Eddie” was a red Ford Festiva and wasn’t all that bigger than this one. For me it was not just a car but an experience. Sure you could only fit four people comfortably, and it’s frame was no thicker than a tin can… but I loved every inch of that car. Every bumper sticker covered inch! 🙂 So this one is for you “Eddie”… may you rest in peace!


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