Illustration Friday- Imperfect

My children would tell you that they are completely deprived of any ounce of fun. For them, a perfect day would allow eating pancakes for every meal, color with markers on the walls, never brushing their teeth (after all “it’s not like they keep their baby teeth anyway”) and “attempting flying” from our bedroom loft.  Instead, their perfect day is foiled by a potpourri of “No!” “Absolutely NOT!”,  and “Are you kidding me?!”   So when my boys started playing “David and Goliath” by throwing rocks at each other, you may foresee my response. (GRRRR) One thing is for sure, my moments of mayhem act as job security! They are living, breathing, inspiration (maple syrup kisses and all). Only true tales here, I’m afraid. After all, no one could make this sh-tuff up! LOL





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4 Responses to Illustration Friday- Imperfect

  1. Sounds like your apples didn’t fall too far from the tree! I always hear that life is better than fiction and this “comic strip” supports that theory. 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

  2. funny… I love the story and the cute boys. I have 2 boys myself which was quite alarming after my little girl……

  3. Alex says:

    fantastic! Love the inspiration your boys give you, my kids are the same.
    Fantastic work

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