Illustration Friday- Lesson

                                                        TIME FOR A COOKING LESSON!

Hello all! This week I was working on a cookbook cover for Coffee Break (a women’s bible study that I am apart of). Our group compiled favorite recipes to share with one another to have new meals to offer our families. The book was a fun idea that sparked my interest in creating a cover for it. After all, I book needs a cover! 🙂

I really enjoyed working on this and choosing colorful foods to create a bright bold cover. I wanted to create a fresh, creative and humorous cover since our bible study is much of the same. 🙂 Creating it not only made me hungry but VERY EAGER to tackle some of the recipes it! So much for my waist size!



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2 Responses to Illustration Friday- Lesson

  1. Good, timeless, lesson! Nice, colorful image!

  2. Janece says:

    Shoot, I still say that today (just not to my mom). I love the bold colors and the variety in foods. If people judge this book by its cover, then consider it SOLD!

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