Illustration Friday- Bicycle

Hello all!
Well, this week I was inspired to look through a collection of doodles to use for this week’s assignment. I found this one, and wanted to build off of the characters and overall idea for this piece. I had drawn the original while I was in high school and used coloring pencils on watercolor paper. (I know, I don’t get it either.) I never liked the look of the final product, yet liked the expressions and feeling of the characters so I held onto it (something I don’t do very well).

I also am in the process of sending some drawings to other businesses who only want grayscale illustrations. Knowing this, I thought while altering this one I would fiddle with the grayscale pallet to get my feet wet for the illustrations that await me.  As you know I LOVE playing with light, contrasts and shadows so I had a GRAND OL’ time with this one! Using a limited pallet allows me to play even further with lighting affects, so I really felt like I was in my element! It was also fun to build off of the illustration that I completed in high school and put my own take on it now. It was equally rewarding to see it remade and far from the watercolor paper that it started from. I have to wonder what that high school mind was thinking!? 🙂 Have a safe and blessed holiday and week!


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2 Responses to Illustration Friday- Bicycle

  1. TMartin says:

    The high school mind does what the high school mind has to. We all wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t done what we did then. Someone once said (and I don’t remember who, and it was about writing and not art) that if young people knew what absolute crap they were writing, they wouldn’t do it, which would be a terrible shame, because that’s the only way to develop the skills you need to do not-crap (I’m obviously paraphrasing). I think about that a lot, and it gives me permission to make BAD pictures, which somehow seems necessary to making GOOD pictures.

    I do like this picture a lot. Great characters and mood!

  2. Indigene says:

    I adore this B/W illustration; very narrative and expressive! 🙂

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