Illustration Friday- Bottled

While just returning from a week in Sanibel Island, I have to say that my mind and body is still on ‘Island Time’.  I am not afraid to tell you, that as I write this I am secretly fantasizing that my feet are up, I am drenched from head to toe in sunscreen while my one responsibility is  holding down a chair by the pool. All that to say, I could not help but include a bit of the island with this week’s illustration. Perhaps I made a stretch while orchestrating this week’s word, yet I like how the idea ran its course. You are probably wondering how a kissing dolphin is linked, am I right? If you were kissed by a bottlenose dolphin, you’ve been “bottled” my friend! (I know it’s a stretch. Don’t judge me) LOL 🙂


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4 Responses to Illustration Friday- Bottled

  1. Jack foster says:

    I think that this is a fabulous take on the topic. So inspired by you recent venture and so well done. Great one Emily!!!

  2. doodledsgn says:

    hehe.. A great stretch, I’ll say 🙂

    I’ve touched a bottlenose dolphin once. My hand has been ‘bottles’ then..? teeheehee

  3. doodledsgn says:

    ‘bottled’, i mean.

  4. Cindy Paul says:

    Not a stretch…really clever. Thanks for the brief diversion to the ocean.

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