Illustration Friday- Cultivate

I have always wanted my own garden. We can’t keep veggies in stock at our house so having some at arms reach would be stellar. But I wouldn’t stop there folks. Oh no! With my love for cooking a girl NEEDS an herb garden jam packed with all of the best (and heavy on the rosemary, you can never have too much Rosemary)! So, if I want all of that what’s holding me back, right? Well, it’s the little detail that I HATE gardening! Really, I blame my mom for this since she is Green Thumb extraordinaire and had my sister and I help her with her craft by pulling weeds. For a Tom-boy like myself, I didn’t mind getting dirty or that I was poked and prodded by thorns and what-not. What bothered me was that one frog who not only surprised me but jumped outright on the only person in the world terrified of frogs. Since then, I have been traumatized and any weeding I do is full with over-reactions of any critter I come across. Yes, I do think THAT frog and his buddies are secretly plotting an ambush reunion and because of that, refuse to give them THAT satisfaction. After typing about it I think that I need to first grow a money tree, THAN hire a gardener AND landscapers so I can have my cake and eat it too (without frogs). Sometimes, I think I may be a freaking genius! :)


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3 Responses to Illustration Friday- Cultivate

  1. Sherry McGuffin says:

    I love this picture. I have been trying to decide if I want to garden this year…I have had patio gardens, but maybe a real raised bed…and I am a city girl…so this was perfect…I would love this picture to be the gate! Thanks so much for sharing your art…you are so very gifted!

  2. Janece says:

    Another fine example of your extraordinary talent! It was very creative of you to make this an urban garden (the city backdrop is great). Well done!

  3. Nice! Frogs/toads are good in the garden because they eat bugs. I like anything that eats bugs 🙂

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