Illustration Friday- Layer

I have only liked one of the collages that I have made. It was just days after the Sept 11th attacks and I responded through art like I always do. Out of my many works, both ugly and tame… my professor complimented me on a collage I made during that time.He encouraged me to paint the collage even when I wouldn’t  have thought anything of it.  Yet during the time of grieving, and knowing of someone who died in the towers, I needed to focus on something positive; so I painted.  At that time, and when I couldn’t wrap my head around the loss we experienced, I tried to find areas where I felt solid or stable.

I have always loved “Fall”. During this time, and while grieving,  I needed to focus on anything positive, even if that meant my love for the season,  fall, football, nature, color, warmth and well, hoodies, (which I didn’t document in the painting, but wanted to desperately).  It was the only thing at the time that made sense……  After all said and done, this was my way of grasping on the positive, even if it was only felt by me. My professor encouraged me to make an oil painting of this time in my life and I am grateful.


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2 Responses to Illustration Friday- Layer

  1. Indigene says:

    These are some of my favorite color combinations. It is a beautiful piece and moving post. It is balm for an awful time in American history.

  2. Janece says:

    I love everything about your post and your illustration (very vibrant colors). We all have to express ourselves in ways that make sense to US even though others may not “get it.”


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