Illustration Friday- Sweater



So I might have cheated a bit for this week’s illustration. Yet, with the other art projects I have on my plate I thought that I would try to combine two to save a bit of time. So, when I looked at my to-do list and saw that I was up to send out postcards to publishers I thought why not have this week’s word have something to do with the subject of my postcard? … And boo-ya, two projects down baby! 🙂 (Insert ‘pat on back’ here)

I do have to feel a bit badly for subjecting this poor pup to a doggie sweater. After all, in my book there is nothing crueler or more ridiculous, then dressing up your pet. Really.  So my apologies, pup….it’s not personal, it’s business. (Oh my, did I just quote The Godfather?!!! Send help now.)


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2 Responses to Illustration Friday- Sweater

  1. Janece says:

    One of my favorite sayings is to work smarter, not harder. This is exactly what you did. I agree about animals in clothing…completely unacceptable. However, for the sake of art, we can allow it. 🙂


  2. Andy Bauer says:

    Great job. I agree… work smarter, not harder. =)

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