Illustration Friday- “Mail”

You can’t blame this lil’ tike. It is completely natural to confuse the UPS man with Santa. Both come to your house with gifts…  Both have a uniform and this one actually looks like Santa! So no worries little one, it could have happened to anyone!

I can finally say that I am now back into the blog world, and my Christmas ‘To-Do’ list has been tackled, crumpled and tossed into its finally resting place.  HALLA! After a couple of weeks putting drawing on the back burner, or illustrating on the “fly” it was good to finally put my feet up and get my hands dirty. 🙂

As always thanks for following my postings and may you all have a MERRY Christmas!



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7 Responses to Illustration Friday- “Mail”

  1. Ila says:

    Or Caden might think Santa goes to I-Hop on his ‘down time.’

    • True story! When someone talked about Santa’s sleigh on TV, Caden corrected them and said aloud, “Santa rides in a sleigh AND on a motorcycle!” AWESOME, so much for not doing the ‘Santa’ thing.

  2. Manelle says:

    That’s funny. I like it.

  3. Debra Cooper says:

    Pretty funny. Great textures throughout your art. Have a great holiday!

  4. jack foster says:

    Welcome back Emily! Love your UPS Claus! Great character! Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones Emily.

  5. very funny.
    and a wonderful illustration, too!

  6. Janece says:

    It’s totally a valid statement/question for a kid. Seriously, parents work WAY more than just one night a year so kids have got to be curious about Santa.

    Well done, Emily.

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