Illustration Friday- Spent

This little ‘illo’ was done awhile ago after a series of thoughts and discussions between my husband and I. It has been very important for my husband and I to teach our sons chivalry, and treating women with kindness and respect. So while we were teaching our 4-year-old son why you hold doors for people and why it is important to show respect for people, I was reminded that some think chivalry is dead.  That thought led me to the very dusty and cob webbed memory of me reading a fairy tale and saying to myself… “Prince Charming didn’t ask her if she needed or wanted help. I wonder if she was annoyed or wanted to see if she could tackle it by herself?”

All that to say, chivalry isn’t dead to those who are romantic. 🙂 But if you are Prince Charming and want to save your princess from hang nails, missed placed car keys, or even, (gulp) spilled milk, you may be in for a rude awakening. After all, most princesses of this day can tackle that with their eyes closed!  If you want to be Prince Charming- just love like crazy and the rest is in the bag!




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3 Responses to Illustration Friday- Spent

  1. Ha, this is funny. I like her expression and ho’s she’s grabbing his clothes.

  2. Janece says:

    I imagine her name is Emily and he is “all guys before Prince Curt.” 🙂

    Well done, Em.

  3. Sherry McGuffin says:

    This Rocks!

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