Illustration Friday- Transportation

One thing I love most about children is their ability to imagine and create a new world for themselves. Ironically, as I type this my two boys are engrossed in imaginary play in the ‘tent’ they created out of a cardboard box. Already, they have roasted marshmallows,  sang camp songs (that their Oma and Papa taught them this past summer), read books through a heavy rain storm and cooked Hobo pies…all within an afternoon. (Needless to say I am exhausted.) I was told by ‘Ranger Caden’ that I needed to go clean the ‘camp kitchen’ and was placed in front of my computer which is where I greet you today. 🙂

The word for week is transportation. I found myself wanting to illustrate in not only sepia tones but also capture a moment within the 1940’s. Oddly enough, if truth were known I would illustrate like this all the time if I would let myself. More often, I make myself illustrate in bold colors while using characters and time frames my son can relate to. (After all, he is my best critique you know.) Yet, this week I thought it would be alright to dabble in the direction I feel called to dabble in, even if it were for only a week.

I am a sucker for history or anything that has a story. If you were to tour our home you would be met with family heirlooms, cherished photographs and artifacts from my childhood. What could be seen only as a broken vintage camera really is greater than that. In fact, it the camera my Grandpa took along on a picnic date with my Grandma and captured one of my favorite pictures of them. The wooden inlay that is framed in our dining room could easily get overlooked, yet for me it seems to fill the room. After all, it reminds me of my church family back home and their love and support to me and my family over the years. Only they could have trusted a high-schooler like myself (SOOO MANY YEARS AGO) to design the wooden inlays for our church front doors. And while most would throw away the scrap that came from the door, they framed it and gave both to our family. Special items like those , and a few others are showcased; not to collect dust, but to tell our story. (Even though they have the ability to do both. 😛 ) What ever the case, the illustration was inspired and fueled by the creative minds of my boys, and steered by my love of people and history. … “Please keep all hands and feet inside the moving vehicle.  I hope you enjoy the ride! :)”


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9 Responses to Illustration Friday- Transportation

  1. Tron Carter says:

    Without a doubt my favorite!!

  2. Linda says:

    I love this! Maybe please your kids sometimes, and please yourself more? This style suits you and is happy to look at.

  3. shawn says:

    I love this illustration so much! Such talent!!! And the story behind it is priceless! Love your heart and spirit.

  4. shawn says:

    I love this illustration so much! Such talent!!! And the story behind it is priceless! Love your heart and spirit.

    (the last comment i just sent, i typed in my website/blog address wrong. sorry!!!) :OB

  5. jack foster says:

    Hey Emily! I love this! Your character design is flawless and the sepia tone really knocks it out of the park! Bravo!! great story too!

  6. Awww, he’s wicked cute! I love the aviator hat and googles! Too, too cute!

  7. Katie White says:

    That is what I miss about being a child, and why I want to do children illustrations. Love this one. Very well done. It has a nostalgic feel to it.

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