Illustration Friday- Old-fashioned

It was my stupid bad luck that granted  a math tutor during Christmas break. It was that same lousy luck that assigned ‘Old Owen Vanderstien’ as that tutor.

Everyone knew of ‘Old Owen Vanderstien’. Tyler Rumour said that he was the oldest man in the entire world. Emma Wyatt said that he has his house sprayed every year for termites because he had wooden teeth. Stanley Dieter said that he was SOOO old that he was growing mold on his chin… When the doorbell rang, I ran to the window to look outside. With one glance, I couldn’t help but have a feeling that ‘Old Owen Vanderstien’ wasn’t as old-fashioned as they led me to believe. 🙂


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10 Responses to Illustration Friday- Old-fashioned

  1. Arihoma says:

    I really like this, especially the textures of the stone wall.

  2. Owen looks like he’ll be loads of fun! I love his bright green Chucks!!

  3. Jane Massey says:

    Great character. Love the style and the way you have captured the crisp light.

  4. Susan says:

    This is really wonderful. I especially like the dimensionality and the character.

  5. janie says:

    funny character, great textures, great expression or non-expression:)

  6. khwhitaker says:

    nice, love this jacket and scarf

  7. ooooh, this is a great one. I just love the character you have created. Love his sneakers, and pop of color, too!

  8. telledesigns says:

    Nice job Emily! As always. I love the lime green chuck taylors. They add a nice pop of color! 🙂

  9. ellen byrne says:

    Such a sweet story and illo! YOU are a smart girl!

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