Illustration Friday- Proverb

It is amazing how wise children become when they know they are in hot water. When our oldest was caught reading books in bed he sought out one of the books (his Bible) and said, “But, it’s okay Mom. It’s the word of God, and you are always saying it’s important to read it.” And during those times you realize as the parent that you are, without a doubt, “in check” by your own offspring. If you crack the smile that is tickling your insides your cover would be blown and so the lesson learned would be thrown out the window. That fact alone causes you to be even more serious (frustrated that your wise wisdom was coming back to haunt) and determined to land on your feet. And somehow, through your explanation and their apology you realize that you stuck the landing and wait for your applause. (Solid on your feet for now… the teen years are the true test. Or so I’ve heard.)


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2 Responses to Illustration Friday- Proverb

  1. Like your style – lovely illustration

  2. jack foster says:

    Great one Emily! Love the proverb, the story and …of course… your artwork! I survived 5 teenagers…. at the same time!!! :o)

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