Illustration Friday- Immovable

If you ask for the definition of “Immovable” they will tell you it means, ” Incapable of being moved; fixed; stationary.” If you ask me (someone who knows her stuff) I would tell you that Immovable is “a grandparent sleeping in the family’s most comfortable (and coveted) chair following a Thanksgiving feast.” I have great memories watching my grandparents hunker down in their chairs after large dinner and falling fast asleep. My grandpa could sit erect while slumbering with just simply resting his chin on his chest. My grandma on the other hand had her own method to meet the sand-man. She would sit on the left side ofΒ  couch with both legs tucked up to the side of her causing her to sit on a slight angle. By the time she was fast asleep her nose would be almost touching the arm of the couch or on a good day, her left knee. πŸ™‚ Part of the fun was trying to see what contortion she would end up in orΒ  waiting for the day when she would tumble off the “davenport” (aka couch). I always wanted to arouse them with a trumpet serenade yet never acted on it, as I valued my life. I did play the performance inside my head many times often changing the various outcomes for my own entertainment. By now you know, there is never a dull moment inside this noggin of mine. LOL

Sending my love to you Nana and PaPaw- I miss you!


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11 Responses to Illustration Friday- Immovable

  1. Janece says:

    You are so talented, Em. It’s basically a requirement for me to vote “Excellent” on these because that’s exactly what they are.


  2. Renee says:

    I love the expression on the dog’s face. Great illo!

  3. Jehanne says:

    great illo. I have a feeling after the musical interlude the boy and the dog will be no where insight πŸ™‚

  4. great coloring and very cool characters!

  5. This brought a smile to my face and a nice memory of my own Grandpa, nice story and illustration.

  6. psychopooch says:

    A nice memory to go along with a lovely illo. Brought a smile to my face too πŸ™‚

  7. Nancy says:

    haha, what a cute story! The temptation is too much! πŸ˜€ Nice work πŸ™‚

  8. theartofpuro says:

    Your illo is great!Also my grandparent did it:)
    Thanks for the comment:)

  9. carl says:

    Great illo. I like how you have a digital image a hand painted feel to it.

  10. Monica says:

    Great illo! I like the colors and texture, very painterly. And Grandpa is just perfect, great body posture!

  11. Ryan says:

    Yeah, I’m hard pressed to think of a more “immovable” time than after a Thanksgiving feast. Nicely done.

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