Illustration Friday- Atmosphere

“Allakhazam! Allakhazear! Send baby sister to another atmosphere!”

Before I tackle  the house work, I wanted to send this out into the cyber world.  (Surely, the toys sprayed around the room can wait a couple more minutes.) As summer draws to a close, I can’t help but bid it an endearing adieu! I am bummed that our days camping, boating and sunbathing are coming to end. This summer was a good one yet it also happened to be one of the most humid summers that I can remember (something that I will not miss) and our family could have filled the community swimming pool with the amount of sunscreen used. (So much for open pores! 🙂 ) Even though I will miss our summer activities I do find myself getting excited for football games, falling leaves, cooler temps and hunkering down in my favorite hoodies. (Don’t judge me 😛 )

And as we transition into a new season we also merge into new work and play. Just this week I am working on T-shirt designs for a Christian Camp, touching up senior pictures for a friend, getting work together for my booth during the Remembrance Run in Traverse City, and updating/ revamping my art portfolio. In addition to that I am eager to contact more people about support opportunities through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. All that being said, I have to laugh aloud when people hear of my new endeavors and ask, “So what are you going to do now that you are not doing anything.” HA HA HA…. Obviously they are terribly mistaken!

Blessings to you and your week!


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4 Responses to Illustration Friday- Atmosphere

  1. Ha, ha, funny stuff, made me smile.

  2. jack foster says:

    hehehe! Nice one Emily! great concept and wonderfully done!

  3. poppylocke says:

    Great work, that little girl in her pyjamas is so cute!

  4. Janece says:

    Really? Not doing ANYTHING? That’s priceless!


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