Illustration Friday- Giant

Now, before you think that you made a wrong turn, let me reassure you that you are, indeed at Emily Wilson’s blog. I am experimenting with different techniques lately and especially felt inspired with what transpired a handful of days ago.

My sons and I were on a hunt for the perfect birthday present for my BFF. We found a parking spot despite the busy day and it even managed to be right across the street to the store we were heading to! (The little things mom’s celebrate when toting extra cargo) I round the back of the car and grab our double stroller who was not needed (because the awesome parking spot) yet a quiet uneventful shopping spree sounded heavenly, so I  chose the stroller. With the boys harnessed  in, I began walking only to hear  my four-year-old call out to me. “MAMA STOP!” I took a minute to sigh as I walked to the front of the caboose and ask what was the matter… He looks straight ahead and says, “That’s naughty.”  I look around, see nothing, begin to get annoyed when he then points and says again, “That’s naughty,” and then finishes “…she needs more clothes.”

That is when I saw her… (and yes I have drawn her very differently for fear of the freak chance she comes by my blog someday) Honestly, she was gorgeous, yet my four year-old-son was right, she did need more clothes. Even though I thought that, I also had the thought that if I too had the long, Olive Oyl-like legs I too would be sporting around wearing almost nothing. Yet, being curse with legs more like Bruno, I have chosen more of a modest and less shocking wardrobe (you’re welcome).

By this time, Caden is staring and I am trying to discretely tell him not to stare, trying not stare myself and speaking without moving my lips. As if that were not enough I was also inwardly praying that she wouldn’t drop anything that needed her to bend over and pick up- then tainting my son’s G-rated eyes. Between it all, I  manage to distracted him with a stick of gum and begin our trek to the store (yet again). Sadly, she too was headed to the exact store and when she entered, she let the door slam back on me and the stroller. Caden, just shook his head and said, “Yes. She needs a time-out!”.

Just another entertained day by the mouths of babes! Whoever said being a parent was uneventful, surely had the wrong children. 🙂 Blessings to you over this holiday weekend.

Until Later,


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3 Responses to Illustration Friday- Giant

  1. Rich Dannys says:

    Lovely work, Emily..
    Especially love the cool color choices!

  2. Cheryl Lynn says:

    That’s hilarious! Children are so pure in their observations.
    Great illustration and great story to go with it. I totally understand your taming the shrew (so to speak) in case she should drop by one day, which I doubt, but anyway…I’m sure she belonged in the hoochie momma’s hall of fame.:)

    Have a great day!

  3. Sally Taylor says:

    Out of the mouths of babes…:) What a funny story!

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