Illustration Friday- Satellite

Greetings from an almost rested mother of two. One would think after a long and restful weekend Up North and the opportunity to sleep in this morning would have been just the right formula for the yawns. HOWEVER, after this long and wonderfully restful weekend we were greeted with a house party of ants. No one invited them, they just came. They invited their friends, who invited their friends (and so on) until we had a frat party of ant infestation.

Now I celebrate my easy going and laid back nature yet something happens to all of that when things scurrying around should not be scurrying INSIDE. If I see things out of their environment I wig out- and so you know now the reaction that followed. I jumped up and down, I squealed like a middle school girl (I never squeal) and I may have said a couple of choice words that I am praying with not haunt me later from my 4 year old.

In there defense we did power wash our deck and patio which was sort of occupied by their family… we might have even sprayed a large ant tower on our driveway so no one would trip over it during our garage sale. So we possibly deserved the attack we received (and another, after they fortified the troops).

Normally, I am the person who picks up lady bugs and places them outside and walks over ant hills (lesson learned after watching the movie, Ant Bully).  I have even talked my son out of squishing caterpillars explaining that if we did that he couldn’t enjoy them as butterflies. Somehow that person turned into the person who yelled out “Hurry honey, there’s one over here… ZAP HIM.” Somehow my nature-loving self was sleeping while we (my husband) sprayed the house, stomped on ants and instructed my boys to do the same. All that to say we are ant-free and the Wilson family sings the Alleluia Chorus!


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6 Responses to Illustration Friday- Satellite

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment 🙂

    I love the little boy’s expression in this, really good!

  2. Emily –
    Loved the illustration – can relate to it perfectly. Thankfully I’m not someone who craves amusement park rides so that aspect of failing the height test doesn’t bring tears but rather (now that I’m more mature!) tears of joy!!

    On another note – when you meet Tom and Ila on Friday- if you can remember – could you please send with them the insulated coffee mug and sun screen that I left in your car last week. Would appreciate that much.

    Looking forward to the weekend – we may ask you to assist again with gaining everyone’s attention for a family photo shot!!

    See you soon

  3. I like Satelitte Stan:)

  4. shirley says:

    This is great! What a neat the little boys expression! I’m sorry about those ants..boy I can’t stand them either. Glad you got to use the zap nerve on them!

  5. Ann Pilicer says:

    I say once in the house all off limits! My husband is the same with saving the life of everything. I am as well until it enters my home all bets are off! Great illo! My kids agree! very funny and great job! 😀

  6. Hey thanks Ann- tell me, how did you get that fancy clock on your blog? I am able to copy the information yet don’t know which widget to use. Any insights?

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