Illustation Friday- Paisley

In all fairness, Abby’s mom was having an ‘off week’ and in the process of making dinner while being handed her daughter’s crumpled up classroom newsletter, read Paisley, not Parsley. Truly it could have happened to anyone.

Ahhh yes… “Off weeks”.  This is yet another blessing parenthood offers that no one tells you about. They are the moments when  in quest of being that SUPERMOM you end up tripping on your cape and falling flat on your face.  I am still on the hunt for that manual SUPERMOM for DUMMIES as my life’s motto has become “Fake it, till you make it”.  In faking it, you at least are fumbling your way through it while secretly fearing what the woman at the checkout counter is thinking.  I find it funny how our fears change as our little tykes get older.  We  interrupt our child’s REM sleep to check if they are still breathing. We watch the news for the latest toy recall and pray for the announcement that the movie our child asks us to watch over and over needs to be disposed of IMMEDIATELY and secretly wonder if too many time-outs could lead to bed sores.  My newest paranoia is that my child’s hieroglyphics scribbles are truly him taking notes for the book he will later publish called, The True Story of One Moms Blunders. As I can laugh at myself – I just hope I don’t send him to be that kid who sits in the corner eating paste and we all know that kid.
So have you ever said aloud to your spouse, “When was the last time the kids have had a bath?”, or at the mall put a diaper on backwards only to have your child poop through it (and of course the diaper bag is sitting comfortably on the kitchen counter)? How about tell your child not to eat food off the floor only to then drop the last cookie, blow it off and stuff it in your face? Ever show up to pick up your child at Preschool to find that they were having a Valentine’s Day party (one that was posted in the class newsletter that you failed to read) and the staff thought your presence was to offer help with the party (just like all the other moms) and not to pick up your son? Have you ever faked your way through a Valentine’s party, passing out candy and cookies (the other moms graciously made) while secretly wishing you could crawl under a rock and die?…… yeah, me either.


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9 Responses to Illustation Friday- Paisley

  1. Ila says:

    So you came up with a really cute idea for the word ‘paisley’ which you weren’t too excited about. I notice Brad didn’t make the cut.

    I confess you could insert the word ‘grandma’ for ‘mom’ in your story and say the feelings continue to this stage of wondering if you are doing things right or what you are forgetting.

    Good job.

  2. Gabber Grace says:

    sometimes I really think I’m the only one who makes major Mama blunders –it’s quite comforting to know that those mom’s who seem so “all together,” (like, um, YOU) still have your moments!

    -great pic!!! Love the parsley girls look on her face! 🙂

  3. Hey thanks! This week was a tough one and until I had this idea I wasn’t too motivated to finish it. 😛

  4. Ann Pilicer says:

    Hi Emily,

    wow! such great words of wisdom! as a mom myself your words really ring home. I enjoyed reading your blog post! and your illo for this week was quite funny!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment!
    I am glad you did so I got a chance to see your blog! it is great… 😀

    -From a mom who gets many a brain freeze! 😀

  5. Celeste says:

    ha ha, that’s terrific, and so true, it’s hard to be super mom, working mom and rested mom…wait, I don’t think that last ones exists!

  6. jack foster says:

    Great one Emily! Made me laugh out loud. A mothers work is never done:o)

  7. Bahaha! You try getting an 8 year old having a major melt down out of the pool at the sports carnival in front of everyone and having to resort to ringing their father on the mobile to try and entice them out of the pool long enough to tackle them to the car and go home and die of embarrassment!!!!!! Kids….the answer to any illusion that you are in control. We parents have got to stick together I think it’s a conspiracy.

  8. Liz Haven says:

    Personally I found the paisley dress to be quite an ingenious play on words. How in the world do you make a parsley costume? Love your stories about being mom, but I have a hard time believing you do much blundering.

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