Illustration Friday- Cocoon

The best trip in the world happened a year ago ( give or take a couple of months). My family and I went to Paris, Arles, France and then traveled to Amsterdam. Our goal was to follow the footprints of Vincent Van Gogh and seek out his favorite painting locations. While we traveled we also took detours to feed our own curiosities and explore the countryside. It goes without saying that this trip was a dream come true and one I would do over in a heart beat.

One of the things that I loved most was the ability to experience this with my parents, sister, husband and two sons. I was grateful for the trip, overwhelmed by my surroundings,  and felt pretty blessed to have two  easy-going sons. They didn’t mind the heat, hustle of the trains or being carried ‘cocoon’ style. :)It was magnificent or as the French say, “c’était magnifique”!!!!!!!!

Au Revoir!

Next Weeks challenge Use animals within the illustration/ many layers.


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6 Responses to Illustration Friday- Cocoon

  1. Monica says:

    Beautiful, soft colors and a great story. Well done!

  2. jack foster says:

    Hey Emily! This is so wonderful! Love the artwork and the story. I like how you personalize your art. Very great! Nice take on the theme!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious how divinely sweet??? I love your style. So soft and delicious. Great illustration.

  4. nuria says:

    Cool idea this Van Gogh’s route!! It must have been an amazing trip! I might copy it one day.
    Thanks Emily for your comment! I think I’ll follow your advice and try it out!

  5. Very nice. I love the pink that you used for the sky. Lovely illo.

  6. Sherry says:

    Love it all of them, but I have an affinity for France and so truly loved this of Americans in Paris! Love your art, and really really loved the pigeons!

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