Illustration Friday- Ahead

“Lulled to sleep by the sound of the rain,
Tobin and Montague laid together, dreaming of the adventures

I had a lot of fun with this image and experimented with many techniques and textures. I wanted to be challenged since the overall image is a  simple one. So, I tried to add more detail and layers to make the image more complex and perhaps, interesting. Hopefully it was successful, I have yet to decide myself. I LOVE feedback so feel free to leave me a note with any insights or suggestions. Have a blessed week!

This weeks challenge- Include a landmark from a foreign country within next illustration.


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11 Responses to Illustration Friday- Ahead

  1. Betsy says:

    I love this one Em! You’ve made it look warm and inviting – i wish i could curl up with a dragon in front of the fire. And I like that they are hidden behind a waterfall.

    • Hey Bets- Thanks for commenting! I too would love to curl up next to the dragon- HECK- I would curl up the nearest pillow if it meant a nap. LOL. Miss you! Love you more.
      Your sis,

  2. arihoma says:

    Very cute scene and the dragon looks so friendly.
    I think some warmer shades would make it look a bit more cozy. Despite the fire it seems a bit cold to me.

    Where do you get those challenges from, or do you make them up?


  3. Ila says:

    Sitting here on this rainy Sunday afternoon, your picture of coziness in the rain is fun. It looks cozy.

    However, also knowing your aversion to reptiles, it kind of surprises me that you would pick that as one of the characters. I like it though, and I think kids would too.

    • Ila, thanks for the comment! You called me out on the reptile thing! Is it weird that when I think of dragons I don’t get that skin crawling response OR think of them as reptiles? There is something soothing or “cozy” (as you put it) to have that large friend to curl up with at the end of the day- and one that ‘has your back’ in any tough spot. 🙂 Thanks, for posting a comment, it means a ton!

  4. jack foster says:

    Wow Emily! This is so wonderfully adorable. You have a real knack for character design and texture. Nice work!!

  5. Thanks Jack! Your work is wonderful too- my favorites of your illustrations are “Detective” and “Perspective”. They make me chuckle! Blessings to you!

  6. I wish I had a snuggledragon. Reminds me a bit of an illustration I did way back when… ( – see pic #2)

  7. Meesch says:

    The color, movement, textures–all amazing. The waterfall to the stone wall to the dragon’s scales…impressive, chica. I like these a lot. Paris, too, of course is my other fave so far.

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