Illustration Friday- Detective

There is something about the first signs of spring. Birds chirping, the sweet smell of rain, new sprouts making the their first début… it is enough to make a gal feel curious, and even grab her magnifying glass to watch nature do its thang! 🙂
So, for this week’s word (and despite the warm weather that typically follows spring) this was the first thing that I thought of. I like to think that it was me being optimistic or even willing better weather our way with my crazy super powers. Okay, so lets stick with optimistic. 🙂

Next week’s challenge Draw an image using a mythical creature/ animal.


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2 Responses to Illustration Friday- Detective

  1. Emily S. says:

    Wow you are REALLY REALLY good at this

    • Thanks Emily- your insights mean a lot. I am just starting out. I am not new to the art world since I have been drawing as long as I can remember… BUT I am completely new to the digital illustrating world and have had to teach myself (through what works and what totally bombs :). I love doing it and love the challenge it brings.
      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a note.
      Emily Wilson

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