Illustration Friday- Rescue

I started the week by being informed that Illustration Friday picked the word I suggested for the word of the week! After being completely stoked about this, I then realized that I too had to draw ‘rescue’. GULP! One would think that while submitting a word I would have taken the time to plan out something (In case it was chosen).  This was most certainly NOT the case. While staring at the computer for some fantastic word to come to mind my son walked over to me and asked what his shirt said. The bold letters R U S C U E stared back at me and I typed them on the screen. So for those who emailed a word of thanks for the word, the “Kudos” really goes to my three-year-old. He says, “You’re Welcome”.

From last week’s personal assignment, I wanted to challenge myself with a new style. I have been approached online and asked if I liked to draw comics. I have found that when someone mentions reading comics I first envision dark and scary illustrations. Like, Superheros being swallowed by their muscles, salesmen randomly growing computerized vacuüm cleaner hands or  werewolves coming alive by the sight of the moon. Yet while searching for a style, I found myself distracted and laughing over a collection of Bill Watterson’s illustrations. Yes, the famous Calvin and Hobbes adventures. By the third or fourth page I was struck with the realization that my favorite (drawn) menace and stuffed animal were INDEED comics. This “DUH” moment drove me to try the comic thing out and tackle it more like Watterson vs. Angry Green Monster on Steroids. 🙂

Long story short- it was hard. I first drew it out and filled it in with Prismacolors (which I loved). The “not so fun” thing happened when I was putting the final touches and smeared Duncan’s face. Yes, I was frustrated and angry but was thankful for Photoshop. I scanned it, and began fixing the image only to find that the two medias were showing and separating themselves. Long and short, I ended up re-painting the entire strip over again. 🙂 On a positive note- I DID have a ball coming up with this idea and using a bit of my humor within it. I loved drawing the monster that in the end looks like an octopus more than anything. When I came to the point of creating him I could not draw anything but this, especially since as a girl, I always envisioned the “Boogie Man”  looking like this (and you laugh….). But think about it, what is scarier than having to fight off 8 arms, and having the thought that if caught, you were forever stuck there by the many suction cups? Not so funny anymore, huh?!

This week will be a busy one yet I am eager to check things off  the “To-Do” list. 🙂 Nothing like dusting off the “To-Do” list and tackling it with style. Wish me luck. As always, your thoughts, insights and constructive criticisms are always welcome. So bring them on! Thanks friends!

Next Week’s Challenge
– Enjoy SPRING BREAK (insert a “YA-HOO” here)
– Respond to next week’s word by communicating something deeper/sharing a message with others.


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