Illustration Friday- Expired

Imagine, if you will, the complete horror Patrick had when he realized that his library book had expired. To make matters worse he had to face the librarian behind the desk, and ask to renew the book for another week. He couldn’t help but wonder if The Three Little Pigs, by Joseph Jacobs was really worth the hassle. Ahh… the irony. 🙂

I am overjoyed to have this completed so I can focus on other creative ventures that I would like to do this week. There is always portfolio projects yet I would also like to take some time to make some glass beads. In addition, I have those postcards to send out that I somehow keep pushing to the ‘back burner’ of my lengthy “to-do” list. If only there were more time in the day… and I had a personal house keeper. Sigh, a girl can dream, right?

This weeks challenge Draw in a new style


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6 Responses to Illustration Friday- Expired

  1. jack foster says:

    Great twist on the wolf and the little pig. Love the powerful pose of your wolf! And your little pig is so cute… poor little guy.

  2. Nancy Lefko says:

    uh oh…I’m a little worried about this stand-off.

    Great illustration.

  3. A very original take on “expired”. Oh those overdue books!Great job

  4. Cheryl Lynn says:

    This poses a serious problem…I’m not sure if the expired library book is Patrick’s only concern…

    Fantastic illustration!

  5. Mister Hope says:

    love this illustration..very cool..and excellent topic for this week’s illo !! can’t wait to do it !x

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