Illustration Friday- Subterranean

To utilize my three-year-old’s childhood expertise I always run my illustrations past him after completion. This week I had to chuckle as he said, “Oooh, fun.. I want to go on that ‘venture’.”  I didn’t dare tell him that I am much more overprotective than the mothers of these youngsters. 🙂

This week I just had a blast working with light, shadows and expressions. When I started the illustration I worried that it was too dark and gave off scary vibes. Gladly, I feel that it came around and took on its own feel.

Next week’s challenge – Use of animals as the main characters


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3 Responses to Illustration Friday- Subterranean

  1. Nancy Bea says:

    Very cute…and I like your little “critic’s” comments as well!

  2. Jim says:

    Wow – GREAT shadows! This has an amazing amount of depth/space in it.

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