Illustration Friday- Brave

Aw yes…. the seat next to the animal’s cage in class… It seems I was ALWAYS recieved this trusted seat, and each time, was too terrified to even function. Actually, it is all coming together why I got lower grades in my biology classes… now to make sense of my lower math grades. 🙂 Yes, it is no secret that I fear anything cold-blooded or “scaly”. Ironically this timid Lass was often assigned the seat next to the reptile that viewed me as its prey. At the sound of each dismissal bell I felt like I had accomplished something, and perhaps, was the BRAVEST person ever. Little did I know that my bravery was only present because of the glass casing that separated me from the class ‘pet’. Without it, I would have been in the corner sucking my thumb. NO JOKE!
Now for the ones who follow this illustration blog know that I set goals for myself each week. My goal for this assignment was to work with a restricted color palette. Needless to say I was half way through this image when I remembered that fact, and was determined to follow through. So, this week I have two images for the word “brave”.  The second, was inspired from this weekend where I spent time at my Grandmother’s house who is ill. I took time remembering her when she was healthy, as well as my deceased Grandfather.  In the course of this, I had the opportunity to share this information with my son, who, despite being little, knew how important it was to be there and be supportive. One of the moments I had with him, I showed him a picture of my Grandfather who was a Captain in World War II. In the simplest way I could I told him, “He fought to keep people safe, to make us free and to better where we, and others live.” He looked at the image and said “Cool!”
No other three-year-old could have said it any better.  As I again gazed over my Grandfather’s service picture I couldn’t help notice how young he looked. Still blessed with a baby face, he didn’t look old enough to drink let alone defend his country- yet he did. I was reminded yet again of the bravery and drive he must have had to not only fight, but to become Captain and to do so, returning safely home.

...remembering those who served for our country

Next Weeks Goal: Send out postcards
Work on character’s facial expressions


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3 Responses to Illustration Friday- Brave

  1. I like your sketch this week! It’s poignant to reflect on past fears and how they have shaped you.
    Feel free to visit my blog too 🙂

  2. Elizebeth says:

    I love the limited palette one. The expression on the little guys face tells all and adding the actual photo was bonus points. WELL DONE!

  3. Thanks for your comments- they mean a ton! 😉

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