Illustration Friday- Propagate

Office Shannagans

I have to be honest and say that I had my share of choice words when I saw this week’s challenge… Propagate. After looking it up because I kept mistaking its definition as PROCREATE (- and how in the world can I make a G- rated illustration about that?!) I was off and rolling with ideas with pen in hand and create drive waiting to be unleashed.  Or so I had hoped.

For the first time since I stumbled across Illustration Friday I had nothing. Well, this is somewhat not true… I had ideas but when I logged on to Illustration Friday and yes, they had already been done. (SIGH) So I sat down with my angel of a husband and asked him to rack his brain… together we came up with this image. 🙂

I am semi satisfied with this image… yet did not mean to have the character look like a young David Letterman or Jack Nicholson. (LOL 🙂 )In fact, this is the very reason why I still look at this image and sigh aloud. Needing to honor my families need for quality time I am refraining every need to go back and start again. I love the creative tug-of-war!

Next Weeks Goal:

  • Study Digital Tools in-depth and try something new in next illustration
  • Advertisement postcards due March 6th, 2010


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9 Responses to Illustration Friday- Propagate

  1. Justin Segal says:

    Ha! GOod one! . . . actually, I think “propagate” and “procreate” could mean the same thing . . . and I had lots of non-G-rated images come to mind too! Fun trying to come up something to match the challenge!

  2. Fantastic – what great details and just a great concept!

  3. pavinee says:

    This is fun! It reminds me of the guy in my class who just played around copying his face like this scene. He almost went too far scanning his buttock! Thank God he didn’t do it! lol

  4. Its hilarious!!! love it!!!

  5. arihoma says:

    Clever interpretation and well executed. I went for the obvious 😉

  6. very funny.
    and wonderfully illustrated.

  7. Sally Taylor says:

    Crazy funny! What a face!

  8. Krista says:

    Hysterical! What a laugh!

  9. tomaszharacz says:

    Thanks for posting 😀

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